Ana Asensio is an actress, film director, writer, and producer(born on April 4, 1978)from Madrid, Spain now based in Brooklyn, NY.   Asenso wrote, directed, produced and played the lead role on the feature film MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND. The film won the Grand Jury Prize at SXSW 2017 and was acquired for distribution by Orion and Samuel Goldwyn Films. The film is nominated for the John Cassettes Spirit Award 2018.  As an actress, Asensio appeared on several tv series in Spain and independent films in USA.   Asnsio’s theater directing and producing credits include  works in both Spanish and English that have been performed at prestigious theaters in: Spain, Africa, Estonia, Cuba and New York. Asensio has produced/performed three one-woman shows that have toured the world, receiving great reviews and awards.   As a theater writer, she adapted the bestselling Spanish novel, La Piel de Mica into an English language one-woman show in which she stars titled, Mica’s Skin that received the award for ”Best Adaptation” at the United Solo Festival in NYC; Mica’s Skin has also been published by NY Indie Theater Now.   Film: Most Beautiful Island, Like Me, The Archive, Carne Cruda, Pablo on Wheels, Zenith, The Afterlight, The Kovak Box, Wolves, Seduction, Betty la Flaca, White, Alone, El lapiz del del carpintero, Intacto Television: Todo es possible en el bajo, Las chicas de oro, Mujeres de vida alegre, Planta 25, Nada es para siempre, Senor Alcalde, Mas que amigos

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